2D, 3D and aerial real estate imagery

Ari Stepp, Photographer


I provide a combination of high-resolution, wide-screen photographs taken directly from the 3D model and realistic high dynamic range processing taken from my DSLR camera when I feel your presentation would really benefit from it.  Think gorgeous mountain view through a picture window. That's when you need it.

High Resolution, Wide Angle, 2D Images


Realistic, High Dynamic Range Processing?

What is that?

You're not sure what it's called but you know you don't like it.  It's that 'look'.  That overbaked, jumping off the page, hard edged, crunchy look that just isn't real.

That's it  ...  That's HDR processing gone wrong!

It's a result of overprocessing without concern for providing correct color, vibrance and sharpening.  Done with care, it looks like you see it with your own eyes.