2D, 3D and aerial real estate imagery

Ari Stepp, Photographer



3D Showcase Tours:  Your 24/7 Assistant


Below is a 'slideshow'

3D showcase tours are meant to pique the viewers interest by highlighting the very best the property has to offer.  I believe the sweet spot for a tour is 60 to 90 seconds long. Tours can be a walkthrough in which the viewer is swept through the space or a slide show in which a brief black out occurs while the view is switching, no sweeping. Either one can be interupted at any time should the viewer choose to navigate through the space on their own.

Above is a 'walkthrough'

Bed & Breakfast Owners

Attract more bookings


Showcase your skills & style

Retail Business Owners

Show off your unique goods


Add a 'wow' factor to your listing presentation

3D scanning is the most realistic and immersive way to experience a property via the internet. I capture specialized scans of the entire property, or rooms that you designate, and merge them together into a single, cohesive model.

I am the creator of these tours.  That means that the tour can be edited to suit you.

Event Spaces

Property Staging


Feng Shui Pracitioners

Commercial Spaces